Schedule and Rates
contact diane at

  1. to schedule individual or group pilates sessions  in san francisco

  2. to schedule corporate wellness sessions (fitness= performance!); and/or

  3. to schedule pilates or neuroplasticity workshops at your next conference.  

 BE PONO cards available... earn a free class by doing something for someone else!
NOTE: if you are laid off, any previous commitments will be immediately refunded.

pilates session rates:
   $75 for a private session
   $35 for reformer or chair class (3-5)
   $25 for a group mat class (4-6).

(volume discount cards available)


online and video follow up (e.g. i-chat, skype, flip) pricing dependent upon mutually-defined strategy.
public sector (policyworkout), corporate wellness (fitness=performance), school and pilates trainee/teacher discounts available. 


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