reading for you:

first, read RETURN TO LIFE
written by joe in 1945

"physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"
 is his opening line!

joe and clara pilates left us a gift...   a system of exercise, designed for mastery of our mind and control of our body.   

who were they?  joe was born frail, in 1880 in germany, to a gymnast and a naturopath.  he conquered his frailties and went on, first in england, later back in germany, to work with other people on developing their fitness, knowing that this work improves every facet of our lives. 

they are said to have met on their separate ways to new york in 1926.  many tales are told, i think that one is true...  once here,  they taught a diverse clientele (though the stories we hear are mostly of dancers) while continuing to evolve this thing we call pilates, and which he called contrology. he died in 1967; she in 1976. 

we benefit so much from all they learned,  designed, and taught.  

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